Smart Favela

The Smart Favela is a DIY Arduino based home device that helps you to control, share and connect information produced at your home, from wherever you are. The project, gather a community of people who don’t accept ready-made. People who question the system and wants to try changes.

The idea is to question if the bills that are given for us to be paid every month are really trustful. Having this is mind; the parasite device precisely read the amount of energy that is being consumed at your house and you are able to compare with the energy meter that the company installs at our place. The on hand technology helps you to connect with the others that are also part of the movement and compare if injustice is happening. This project will be developed in two different cities. One is Eindhoven – NL and the second is São Paulo.

The main goal is to find in both places a group who is interested not only in questioning but learning something new. In both locations, a team will be formed in FabLabs and the project will be developed on its maximum regarding the possibilities and necessities of individuals. The energy consumption is one possibility but since the device is open source hardware, many other can appear. Having in mind the difference between Eindhoven and São Paulo, all the results will be shared and compared to see what one can add to the other. How can they differ one to another? Which are the specific needs? Which are the possibilities in sensors here and there? The project is an experiment to see how far an idea can develop when two groups are working in parallel.

Role: Concept, Design, Programming, Making, UI UX Design. 
Collaborators: Silvia Sasaoka, Elisete Onuki, Olabi Makerspace, Eduardo Lopes, Eduardo Figueiredo, Maria José, Alexandre.

Mark what makes an object smart?