Reclaim Subjectivity

We design ourselves online in order to connect with others, even as we try to represent our true selves through different channels. Yet these media platforms control the identity that we project, using predefined design layouts, filters, and algorithms. Nevertheless, we continue to consume and to give ourselves over for consumption. We accept. We get lost.

Within the relatively recent rise of social media, the phenomenon of online self-creation has created a new way for humans to visualise themselves outside of their own bodies. This online self is less like the reflection in the mirror and more like a kaleidoscopic image, which crops, mixes, overlaps, and redraws an exterior entity that lives and interacts in cyberspace. Like chameleons, we unconsciously mimic the behaviour of others in order to belong online, and then we copy the version of ourselves that we see on the screen. Despite the normalising, self-reinforcing, and algorithmic tendencies of social media platforms, how can we find and develop a sense of individuality?

Role: Research, Writing, Graphic Design, Book Making.