Espaço CACAU

Design traineeship working together with Studio Droog for the redesign of a cultural center in São Tomé e Principe. With aim to contribute to a sustainable socio-economic infrastructure, I realised a deep research about the local community, local culture, crafts, design and architecture from the island. After a field trip together with Eliza Mante and Nikkie Wester we proposed a new concept for the existing building, reshaping and reframing the identity of the space

The concept is based on a “town square”, a place in where you gater people to manifest their best criative movements and desires. A center with areas for exibition, workshop, meeting place, music school, restaurant, stages, shop and artist in residency rooms

Role: Research, Overall concept, Interior design, Architectural drawings
Collaborators: Eliza Mante, Nikkie Wester, Renny Remakers.