300 Millions years ago the PANGEA was a supercontinent that existed during the late paleozoic period and early mezosoic. a time where every place was connected. With the change of this arrangement and the knowledge gained by the human being, we are now able to recreate this configuration. Once again living in this supercontinent but without any physical borders. It is now the Technologycal Pangea.

Located in the central area of Curitiba - Brazil, a place filled with residential and commercial buildings with a lack of qualified public areas and cultural spaces, the ART AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER project consists in the restoration and expantion of a historical building from 1920 which is now misused.

As a main idea, the project is proposed to bring new life to the degrade center of the city and to show the population with the help of art, how much the technology is changing our way of living. 

Desconstructed forms in the building and the facade, ressembles the cracks from the tectonics plate. The antique building is connected with the new one by bridges, which mentions the concept. Art exibitions, workshops, classes, worldwide livestreams and conferations are the main program of the ART AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER

Role: Research, Overall concept, Drawings, Images, 3D and physical model.